Product Design

  • There is no second chance of making a first good impression.
  • Design plays a fundamental role on first buying moment of truth decision.
  • Design support brands to create interactive relationships with consumers, creating meaningful experiences that go beyond product functionality.
  • All products are competing with each other for a place in consumer’s lives, it is critical that product design is embedded with the brand.

Visual Brand Language

Making visual the essence of your brand in your product.

Key element of brand’s products appearance – Visual brand language (VBL) ensures that the visual appearance of your product is aligned with the brand aspirations creating meaningful connections between product, brand and user.

Our design team has the expertise of embodying brand identity into your product making intuitive and communicate it through visuals.

Industrial Design

Industrial design integrates VBL design with functionality, ergonomy and manufacturing requirements.


A reference to compare and improve.


Able to produce prototypes at early stage.

Artwork Development

Only one brief that match marketing and supply chain requirements aligning different stakeholders and technologies.

During development stage we propose artwork development

  • Provide die cuts
  • Master artwork proposals
  • Artwork adaptations
  • Artwork development according to vendor requirements on printing technologies

Impackting Design

There is no second change of making a first good impression.


We focus on designing products that improve consumer’s lives and deliver meaningful experiences that go beyond product functionality.


Designing Products that create value is part of business strategy, delivering brand communication and sales support on consumer buying decision moment of truth.

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